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About Us

Welcome to was created as an "Internet Community-Surname Pilot Program". This program will allow us an opportunity to create personal web pages while exploring the potential of the internet. We welcome anyone with the last name of Nikic to participate and create their own web site. This site will serve as a pilot program for the future use of internet surnames, their potential in community site building and bringing people together that otherwise might not have.

This website will serve as a content only website and will not engage in e-commerce. Anyone participating in building their own site will not be restricted from displaying any content as long as it does not contain material inappropriate for minors, is racially motivated or morally unacceptable. Content will not be restricted to the English language, as there are Nikic's that speak, read and write in a variety of languages.

Nikic's, who are living in many countries throughout the world, are of different religions, nationalities and beliefs, with the majority being in Croatia and Serbia. Our goal is not to find relations between all Nikic's, but to allow them to participate in our "Internet Community-Surname Pilot Program".

Prejudice will not be accepted on this site, therefore all who are willing to participate are welcome.

Please forward this link to any friends, relatives or associates with the last name of Nikic. Again, all are welcome.

Peter Nikic

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