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Rexha Joko Nikic Family Tree
Last Updated: March 17, 2014
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Lasho Nika
Gjuro Lashi
Miter Gjuro
Joko Miter
Rexha Joko
Marko RexhaZuljo Rexha
Nikola MarkoGjoka was married and had a baby boy. In 1918, he, his son and his wife all died within 48 hours. Cause of death, Spanish FluZef ZuljoDeda ZuljoPashko Zuljo, died young, was married to who we always knew as Strina or Dada. She was widowed at a young age, they had no children. She lived with Gjon until she died in the 1980's
Llesh NikolaMarko NikolaJohn NikolaPaul NikolaDoda NikolaFrank NikolaBaby Boy - died as an infantGjon ZefTom DedaPetar DedaNoni Deda was killed at a young age by the Partisan under Enver Hoxha
George LleshiNicky LleshiVictor LleshiTony LleshiRobert PaulMichael FrankAndy FrankKosto GjoniZef GjoniBato Petar
Nikola MarkoZoran MarkoGoran MarkoDavid JohnSteven JohnTom DodaJoseph DodaAndrija TomaPavle TomaVinko TomaMarko Toma

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Rexha Joko Nikic - Family Tree: Rexha Joko Nikic, born 1848?. He died on ??/??/????, at the age of ??. Cause of death, ???

The Rexha family roots begin around the year 1700 in Kuci. The roots, beginning with Rexha, going backwards, are: Rexha-Joko; Jok-Miter; Miter-Gjuri; Gjuro-Lashi; Lash-Nika. As of current recollection, Nika is the last known descendant, preceding me by 9 generations. It is believed and most likely that the origin of our last name came from Nika.

In the 1700's in Kuci, Montenegro (Crna Gora), is where it seems that our lineage has begun with Nika. I'm not sure how many boys Nika had, but we beleive that Lasho was next in our lineage. Lasho Nika became Lasho Nika Nikic.

There was much turmoil in the Balkans at that time, much like there is today. A major difference today is that the Turks are no longer the biggest enemy and now there are well defined borders between countries. In the earlier times, borders were not clearly defined and many times neither were countries. It is believed that Kuci was home to an Albanian catholic tribe and may have been considered an Albanian territory. However, today, Kuci is a part of Montenegro (Crna Gora). If it is proven that Nika was of the catholic Albanian tribe living in Kuci, then our roots must be Albanian. But if it turns out that Nika was from Kuci, of orthodox religion, then most likely our roots are Montenegrin.

Since this was now in the early 1700's, and Kuci was a smaller part of a larger Montenegro, last names were given based on one's father's first name. Therefore, Lasho-Nika became Lasho Nikic. In order to differentiate last names from first names, it was common for Montenegro to add the "ic" to the father's first name. This would make Nika + ic = Nikic.

Having the last name of Nikic, does not automatically make us Montenegrin. This was how last names were created which has no impact on one's nationality. My grand father Nikola-Marko Nikic (Rexha's grandson) was born in Les, Albania in 1897. He was catholic which was consistent with other Albanians living in that area. Some say that our roots were orthodox then converted to catholicism in Albania in order to blend.

As of April 2, 2010, I believe that our last name is and always was Nikic. I believe that the ancestry tree depicted above is accurate (or close to accurate). I believe that our nationality is a blend of Albanian and Montenegrin. Even if our original nationality was Montengrin, some of us are so meshed with Albanian people and culture, that we have become Albanian by virtue of generations of assimilating, religion, culture, bloodline, social circles and beliefs. And if our lineage originated in Albania, then the opposite would be true. That many Nikic's became montenegrin by virtue of generations of assimilating, religion, culture, bloodline, social circles and beliefs. If you are reading this, and have facts that could support or dispute any part of this, I welcome you to share them with me.

I'm going to attempt to maintain this family tree with as much accuracy as I can. If you have additional information, such as birth dates, decease dates, names, photos . . . please email them to me at

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