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Masho Nikic: Successfully runs 3rd Annual Montenegro Golf Open - 10/15/2011 - 60+ golfers played in the 3rd Montenegro Golf Open which was held at Blue Hill Golf Course in Pearl River, NY (just outside of NYC). The golfers were later joined by friends and Delegates for cocktails and dinner. Click to see event photos.

Montenegro Golf Open 2011

Joseph Nikic: Mr. November: Nikic kicks Beacon to boys soccer crown
By ZACH BRAZILLER November 17, 2010


Joseph Nikic had his sights set on a breakout senior year, building on his sensational junior season. When that didnít happen, when the goals (nine) werenít coming as he had hoped, nor were the assists (seven), and Beacon fell in its bi-yearly regular season showdowns with nemesis Martin Luther King Jr., frustration began setting in. Read More

Joseph Nikic: Nikic of time: Senior sends Beacon to second title in penalty kicks
After three years of frustrating finishes, Blue Demons reign supreme
By ZACH BRAZILLER November 15, 2010

Clutch performers often talk about being able to block everything out in seminal moments, clearing their mind to focus on the task at hand. Joseph Nikic doesnít subscribe to that theory. Read More

Joseph Nikic: King Joseph: Beacon stuns MLK on Nikic's 2OT tally
Knights streak of 14 straight finals appearance come to close in shocking upset
By ZACH BRAZILLER November 11, 2010

A hush swept across Randall's Island Field No. 70 yesterday afternoon once Joseph Nikic's well-placed shot tucked itself inside the far post. Read More

Joseph Nikic: In the Nikic of time: Senior scores hat trick in Beacon quarterfinal win
By DYLAN BUTLER November 9, 2010

Joe Nikic wasn't trying to fill the void left by Peter Poulos when Beacon's leading scorer went to live with his mother on Long Island last week. But in the Blue Devils biggest game of the year, no one stepped up bigger than the senior forward. Read More

Joseph Nikic: King starts at the top, followed by Beacon, Francis Lewis and John Adams
By ZACH BRAZILLER September 6, 2010

It's been nearly 10 months since Martin Luther King Jr. hoisted its 12 city championship. In that time, plenty has changed. The Knights roster has turned over, standouts such as Francis Lewis dynamo Sebastian Guenzatti and Beacon wunderkind Pascal Louis have moved on, many more teams have added significant additions. Read More

Masho Nikic: Successfully runs 2nd Montenegro Golf Open - 05/22/2010 - Montenegrin Ambassador Miodrag Vlahovic, Branko Milic (NY Embassy), Hamdi Hasani (UN Rep, NY) along with 60+ golfers played in the 2nd Montenegro Golf Open which was held at Lake Presidential Golf Club in Upper Marlboro, Maryland (just outside of Washington DC).

Montenegro Golf Open 2010

Washington, DC: 05/21/1010 - celebrating Montenegro's Independence Day with Ambassador Miodrag Vlahovic, Branko Milic (NY Embassy), Hamdi Hasani (UN Rep, NY).

Masho Nikic: Runs 1st Montenegro Golf Open - 10/11/2009 - Montenegrin Ambassador Miodrag Vlahovic, Branko Milic (NY Embassy), Hamdi Hasani (UN Rep, NY) along with 52 golfers played in the 1st Montenegro Golf Open which was held at Blue Hills Golf Club in Pearl River, NY. Masho Nikic, Nino Pjetri and others did a great job of organizing the the succes of this event. Wives and other friends joined in later for dinner and awards. The gov't of Montenegro ensured that every guest would go home with a bottle of wine as they had shipped dozens of cases of Vranac "Pro Corde" while Paul Rudovic contributed generously by donating specially designed golf shirts for all.

Montenegro Golf Open 2009

Andy Nikic: MTV cameras may swarm campus if student wins - 11/09/2005

Bianca Nikic: Dancer wants peers to move - 09/16/2004 - Bianca Nikic has been dancing around the house ever since she could walk. The 11-year-old said she loves to move and groove, and now hopes her passion will invigorate Pleasantville's youth. Read More

Growing Fit

Bianca Nikic: Getting healthy starts with a single step - 09/16/2004

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