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Andy Nikic - November 9, 2005

MTV cameras may swarm campus if student wins

By Jeff Miranda
Published: Wednesday, November 9, 2005
The Inside
The Student Newspaper of Northeaster University

MTV camera crews may soon start to appear around campus.

After two months of competition, Andy Nikic's show, "Life with Uncle Bobby," has emerged as one of three finalists on MTV's "The Reality Show."

If he wins, his reality series will be taped at Northeastern.

"I'm extremely excited," said the middler communications major. "To come this far and not win at this point would be devastating. It's the equivalent of the Red Sox losing to the Yankees in Game 7."

Nikic said he would incorporate all aspects of his life into his new show, including Northeastern students, faculty and campus life.

"Life with Uncle Bobby" is part of the Andy Dick-hosted program "The Reality Show," in which contestants pitch ideas for their own show and one person gets voted off by viewers each week.

The show began airing in September, beginning with 10 participants, and the final voting stage starts today and ends Friday.

Nikic's show, centering on the ups and downs of life in an Italian-American family, became a crowd favorite, facing elimination only once. The show focuses on Nikic and his uncle Bobby, a 42-year-old bachelor, and his advice to his nephew on almost everything.

Nikic never doubted his show would make it this far.

"I knew I had a great show. Everyone gave me good feedback; I knew I had a good shot [at least of] making the top three," he said. "People around campus who've seen the show think it's funny; it's the only show based on comedy."

Nikic has kept his confidence throughout the season, but now that the time has finally come to decide a winner, he's still nervous.

"It's nerve-wracking," Nikic said. "All that I know is that I'm not gonna watch it [when the final episode airs]. I'm probably gonna take a long walk or something."

Although Nikic may be nervous about the outcome, Uncle Bobby is not concerned.

Nikic said his uncle is an "arrogant person who thinks it's in the bag."

Time will tell if Uncle Bobby's certainty is justified.

Nikic said he needs the help of students by casting a vote online at or using a Virgin mobile phone through the rest of the week. The winner will be announced on the show airing Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.

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