World Trade Center as viewed from Helicoper, positioned over Hudson River, on June 25th 2001. I took my son Marko on a helicopter ride over Manhattan for his 10th birthday. The views were magnificent. It was our first time, we didn't know that just 2 1/2 months later this beautiful site would be destroyed.

A special prayer goes out to my cousin Olga, who's husband (Chris Orgielewicz, the nicest man, husband and father that I have ever known) was on the 102nd floor of the south tower when it was struck. "Olga, I love you!" -Zoran
God Bless us all.
Peter Nikic

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Photos by Dan Casteel

Also see Ground Zero Video (Windows Media Player - MPG 1.31MB)

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These are pictures I took from 114 Liberty Streeet. It is the closest building top to Ground Zero. You'll see pictures that show the Nextel and XO antennas and the crash site. XO's DS3 radio shot was installed, tested and turned up within 4 hours entirely by XO employees. Nextel said that this was their most important site. Nextel also gave away free cell phones to the rescue, fire, and police personnel which greatly aided the rescue and recovery mission at the World Trade Center.

Take care,
Glen Hurst

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These are the pictures of the Twin Towers I took on September 19th (just one week after the crash). There was dust on everything, the air itself tasted like concrete dust. It is without question the saddest thing I have ever seen with my own eyes.

Anthony Albanese

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I got as close as 2 blocks away. then a tower collapsed and I ran with the rest of the crowds.

I have added more images of the destruction, memorials and prayers surrounding the WTC catastrophe on a dailey basis. If you need more info on any of the images please email me. I have hi-res images of most of these images if needed for publication.

God Bless America.
George Marengo

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